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High Standard
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I puchased mine new in 1974...

I purchased my High Standard "Sharpshooter" in 1974 based on a recommendation of a friend, and I still own it. Whenever I go to the range, the High Standard always goes with me, and invariably, someone asks me about it. It was the second gun I ever owned; the first was a Remington Model 1100 in 20 gauge. It is the bench mark that I use when I am looking at a new gun. Everything that I am considering is shot side by side against the High Standard to compare accuracy. It is still the most accurate pistol that I have shot and that includes a Nighthawk Custom. My one complaint is that I can't find a new one. I have found some used on line, but new High Standards can't be found. Now that your website has only one gun shown, I am hopeful that means that production will ramp up.

Bert B.

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